Welcome to Reception!
On the hub you will find lots of exciting games and activities that will help you practise all the things you have been learning in class.
Our traditional tale this week is The Gingerbread Man.  We will be reading the story and acting it out.  We will be making gingerbread men and thinking about the changes that take place when we mix and heat ingredients.  We will be using our counting skills to count the number of spoonfuls of each ingredient we need.
Everybody will be thinking of something that they are finding tricky and making it a goal to try to move up the steps of learning.  For some children it is saying goodbye to mum with a smile, for others it might be remembering to use a quiet voice in the classroom or learning to zip up their coat themselves.
The sounds we are learning this week are g o c and k. We will be using the sounds we have learned to make and read words.
It's a busy week in Reception!